Saturday, October 22, 2011

God for Us! Third Anniversary

Hey Everyone,

This week marks the third anniversary of God for Us! This blog has given me the opportunity to play a small part in putting the good news back into the Good News! Yes, folks, the news is good! Really good!! In Christ, God has reconciled all things to himself. That includes you, me, your cantankerous uncle, your dope-smoking cousin, and the Tibetan holy man, serene in his temple, obscured by thick clouds of oh so fragrant incense (see 2Cor5:19). Nothing remains to be done for our salvation. There is nothing we must add by our own efforts to what Christ has already done for all humanity. Our seat at the great feast is assured; each one of us has a place card at the Father's Table with our names on it, a place that can never be taken away. All the Father asks of us is to put on our wedding garments and join the party.

For those of you who began reading this blog during the series on T.F. Torrance (which is almost complete), I encourage you to return to the first posts back in October, 2008. I began this blog by writing on the doctrine of the Trinity, and why it matters. I attempted to show through a series of posts how the doctrine of the Trinity was relegated over time to the status of a minor appendix to a more thoroughly devloped doctrine of the One God (the "omnigod"), so that the "Christian" doctrine of God was developed apart from Jesus Christ! I hope each of you will take a look at these posts.

I also encourage you to read the "articles" I have written, mostly for the Plain Truth magazine, listed in the right column of this blog page.

Also, if you are so inclined, you might help me out by ordering a copy of my book, Ashes into Gold, which you can obtain by clicking on the book picture on the right. I personally handle the orders from this blog and the money goes into my pocket, not to a third-party online seller.

Thanks to all of you for following this blog, especially to those who have sent encouraging comments.



  1. I love the people you choose to put in your list of who Jesus died for. Glory, glory! What great news it truly is. Thanks for the reminder. God bless you!

  2. Congrats Martin on your third anniversary of blogging at God for Us! Your posts are always of great interest and substance. Please keep it up!

  3. I really appreciate your material (especially on Torrance's thought) and have benefitted much from your insights. I hope you continue this blog for three more (or more!) years.


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