Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mission to Kenya

I will be leaving 12 October for Kenya. Over the course of a month, I will be doing several one and two day conferences on Christology ("Who is Jesus Christ"). I have been informed already that more than 100 pastors are expected to attend the first conference in Sabasaba, a one hour drive north of Nairobi.

No doubt we are all aware of the recent terrorist attack at Westgate Mall Nairobi. What is usually not reported in the western media is the smaller versions of this kind of attack that happen routinely in Africa. Churches are burned, congregations are slaughtered as they gather on Sunday mornings and pastors are killed on a regular basis in Africa. The killers are Islamists. They want to rid Africa of Christianity and impose the bondage of Sharia law on her citizens. Those who report these kinds of attacks as "political" or "inter-tribal' are misinformed or willfully ignorant.

Kenya, South Sudan, southern Nigeria, Uganda and Tanzania are now on the front lines of the Islamic onslaught that began centuries ago. The vast Sahara desert shielded sub-Saharan Africa from Muslim encroachment for centuries but this is no longer so.

One of the reasons I want to minister in East Africa is to strengthen the pastors there, so that they in turn can strengthen their parishioners, as they stand against the ongoing threat of Islam. I am happy to work with pastors of all denominations, for they are our brothers and sisters in Christ. East Africa is rapidly becoming a new battleground, where the dark forces of Islam pose an ongoing threat to our Christian brothers and sisters.

I would appreciate any help you can give in the way of travel expenses. I will be in East Africa for a month, and I am in constant need of financial support. I do not get paid for my work, nor do I ask for pay. Neither do I ask my fellow pastors to pay for their admission to the conferences I lead. If you want to help out, click and make your donation through our church website. You can print out a receipt for your tax records.

Asante sana (thank you very much).
Bwana Yesu asifiwe! (Praise the Lord Jesus)


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