Thursday, September 20, 2018

Discipleship; Living in Union with Christ

Radically and unapologetically Christ-centered
Announcing the publication of my new book (or manual) called "Discipleship: Living in Union with Christ."

Drawing on the thought of T.F. Torrance, as well as James Torrance and Karl Barth, this manual will challenge many readers to think of discipleship in a new way that is based on what Jesus has done for us, not on what we must do for Jesus. Unlike many books on discipleship, this manual does not outline a program to follow in order to live as disciples of Jesus Christ. This manual does not describe a series of steps to take in order to become disciples of Jesus, nor does it provide a list of rules we must follow for discipleship. As we shall learn, discipleship is not a program, a series of steps or a list of rules. Discipleship is the fruit of union with Christ through the communion of the Holy Spirit.

This manual will challenge you to think of Jesus Christ in ways that you may find new, exciting and surprising. In the pages to follow, you will see that Jesus is bigger, better and more beautiful than many have dared to imagine. You will learn that everything needed for discipleship, or Christian living, is graciously given to us in Jesus.

The manuals, booklets and tracts produced, translated and distributed by AsiAfrica Ministries, Inc. clearly and boldly proclaim the good news of God’s love for all humanity as revealed in Jesus Christ. We believe that your faith will be strengthened and your heart gladdened by the teachings you will discover in this manual.

Martin M. Davis, Ph.D.

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